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Global Legal Coverage of Your International Business is Now Possible with LPA


LPA has been selected as an exclusive member of International Network of Boutique Law Firms (“INBLF” or the “Network”) in Georgia. LPA became the first and the only Georgian law firm, admitted to the Network. Being the quality-oriented organization, all members in INBLF have been chosen after careful assessment of their knowledge and experience in the relevant fields of law. Having extensive presence in the North American region, INBLF also unifies law firms from more than 30 countries in Asia, Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Since each country, except for the US, is allocated only one firm in the Network, LPA has been selected as an exclusive reference in Georgia for almost all parts of legal practice.     

Since its establishment in 2004, INBLF provides unique platform for the member firms to share experience, knowledge and practice resources in diversity of legal fields and ensure excellence by ever cooperative community. The Network is actively involved in international academic and educational activities, supports improvement of legal education and exchange of ideas among the leading representatives of legal businesses in different jurisdictions.

LPA’s increasing involvement in major local and cross-border business transactions and dispute resolution proceedings attracted INBLF’s attention. After thorough evaluation of our expertise and background, we were honored to be invited to join the Network. At the special event organized by INBLF in Prague, in Spring 2016, LPA has been welcomed and embraced the leaders of the legal markets of various jurisdictions, thus celebrating our firm’s entry to the platform.  

We are proud to announce that by joining INBLF, LPA is now able to satisfy transnational and foreign law related needs of the existing clients and is able to offer multi-jurisdictional legal services both to domestic and international businesses and individuals. In addition to the possibility to generate foreign law based legal advice, we propose full assistance in pursuing any legal action in the covered jurisdictions through our official partnership in INBLF.

To learn more about INBLF and its activities please, visit their web-site.

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